Is your Safety or SHE culture weak, waning, stuck or brand new and just getting designed?

Then, this Safety/SHE Culture Boot Camp may be just what you need.  A successful safety or SHE culture, within your organization, is based on a logical plan, integration, and alignment with the business, and pro-actively addressing foreseeable needs and traps.  This Boot Camp provides a logical, proven Plan-Do-Check-Act approach; focuses on “what to do”, identifies ways to address the typical challenges, and highlights sustainability opportunities.

Here’s what Alex Pollock, former Global Director of EH&S at Dow has to say…

“If you are interested in radically improving the safety culture in your organization then this is the “camp” for you.  With Cathy’s proven track record in creating and leading top-tier safety programs, you will receive practical insights from someone who cares passionately about the value of human health and is driven by the belief that all injuries are preventable.  Take a break.  Go to “camp.” You’ll be so glad you did.”      Alex Pollock,  Equipping You LLC



The Safety/SHE Culture Boot Camp provides a logical Plan-Do-Check-Act Approach, laced with practical, proven tips and best practices.  Cathy Hansell, Bob Seguy and special guest speakers will share their experiences with the Culture Boot Camp members.  Each of the four weekly sessions, 60-minutes in length, will cover the most important actions, tips, and traps in each step.  Members will receive recordings and materials from each session.  Most importantly,  members will be able to directly interact with each other, the speakers, and guests.

By successfully implementing actions you will be learning, safety will begin to evolve into a value and you will see the following in your safety culture transformation:

  • Accelerated transformation of your organization safety culture (the US and globally)
  • Clearly defined safety (SHE) culture strategy and roadmap
  • Engaged leadership that is visibly committed to driving safety (SHE) processes and progress
  • Improved risk prevention activities and deeper root cause and trend analysis
  • Strongly aligned and integrated safety (SHE) within business processes, initiatives, decisions and goals
  • Actively engaged employees in meaningful safety activities
  • Enhanced leadership and strategic thinking of safety (SHE) professionals
  • Improved injury prevention, cost reductions and business benefits, and
  • GET THE ATTENTION of Customers, Investors, Employees and Stakeholders with effective preventative and business value-added results in safety, environmental, wellness and sustainability arenas.







May 10, 17, 24 and 31, 2018 at 11-12 noon US Eastern


Boot Camp Speakers: 

  • Bob Seguy, MS, SMS: National Safety Leader, Nestle Waters, ReadyRefresh


  • John Forrester, CSP: Associate Director, Safety, Leprino Foods


  • Mei-Li Lin, Ph.D.: SVP, Business Innovation and Strategic Partnership, Dekra Insights


  • Gretchen Digby Norwood, CSM, DfS: Founding Partner, Future Partners, LLC


  • Cathy Hansell, SMS, CCSR, CSM, MS, JD: Host, President, Breakthrough Results, LLC


To find out more details about our Bootcamp Speakers, please click here to see their bios.



Boot Camp Schedule:


Week 1 – PLAN:  Develop a strategic plan, making it clear the direction, ultimate goals, key steps, resources and time needed, and expected results.  Best practices in soliciting and gaining senior leadership support and involvement, and alignment with business goals and long-term direction.  Foresee and plan for possible traps, and address past failures, concerns, and history.  Plan for Management of Change…and Choice.  Define leading and lagging metrics to provide incentives, and track progress and results.


Week 2 – DO:  Implement the Plan, designing methods to immediately engage the organization in meaningful activities.  Track progress.  Share and celebrate successes.  Investigate and address problems for quick resolution.


Week 3 – CHECK:  Re-examine progress, gaps, successes; and adjust with revised actions and leading metrics. Focus on actions to have both short-term and long-term impact.  Seek employee, leadership, investor and stakeholder feedback to understand current state and actions to accelerate progress.


Week 4 – ACT:   Prioritize activities to generating impact and continuing momentum.  Institutionalize Safety (SHE) and sustainability into the organization’s 24 business processes, creating a culture where safety (SHE) and sustainability are valued and integrated within the organization.

Special Inaugural Bootcamp discount of $50:

$599**  No additional charge for additional attendees from the same organization. (Normally $649)


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