May 2018 Safety Culture Transformation Boot Camp


Highlights and Key Lessons Learned Webinar


COST: $59 per person


PRESENTERS: Cathy Hansell, President Breakthrough Results, LLC and special guests, including Bob Seguy of Nestle Waters.


TARGET AUDIENCE: All people interested in learning how to create a new or refresh a current company culture. The approach taken uses the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle, as the improvement change model basis. Actions target safety (SHE and sustainability) incorporation to operations and all business support activities, active leadership role and meaningful employee engagement. Proven results move you forward in safety and operational excellence, with a culture where safety is valued and embedded in all business aspects.


WEBINAR DESCRIPTION: Did you miss the opportunity to attend the virtual 2018 Safety Culture Boot Camp, held for 4 weeks in May?  Do you want to learn a proven successful approach to build or enhance the value of safety within your company? Then this highlight webinar is for you!!

In the Boot Camp, four international experts in safety shared their real-life experiences, best practices and lessons learned, offering almost 200 years of collective wisdomNo theory here—just ALL proven methods and experiences from Bob Seguy, John Forrester, Gretchen Digby Norwood and Cathy Hansell. Boot Camp participants learned and shared the needed culture building actions, by applying the PDCA improvement model.


The goal of this webinar is to share some of the highlights, key takeaways and lessons learned from the superb presentations and discussions that took place during the 2018 Safety Culture Transformation Boot Camp. We’ll also share three upcoming webinars on culture topics of S/SHE integration within the business, international factors in global culture implementation, and linking and leveraging your Safety (SHE) culture for win-win gains in sustainability.


Questions?  Please email or call 888-609-6723.